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  • Steve was representing me

    Mark M.

    Steve Maltezos was genuinely concerned about me as a client during my legal problems. He treated me as a friend that offered open communication, status updates and, when needed, thorough legal explanations. I was completely at ease through the entire process knowing that Steve was representing me. He is truly a professional that gets positive results. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone that needs legal assistance.

    Tampa, FL 11/18/2014

  • Outstanding legal Counsel


    Outstanding legal Counsel. Atty. Maltezos is a remarkable attorney that treats you like family & handled my case like a true Professional!!! Trustworthy, Dependable, Knowledgeable, Aggressive... Highly recommended!!! Trust these reviews... Attorney Maltezos is the truth!!!!!

    Tampa, FL, 2/20/2014

  • Great Lawyer


    Great Lawyer. I live in WV and my son lives in Florida. He got into some legal trouble and me far away couldn't get to him. I called Steve and I felt very confident that he would take care of things. I couldn't have been more pleased than to have Steve as his lawyer. He kept me informed as to what was going on. Steve treated me and my son like we were family. I would highly recommend him.


  • This guy is terrific

    C R.

    My sister was part of a complicated case, causing her a great deal of difficulty and financial struggle.  She met with 7 different lawyers - none of them were willing to help her through the process (even disregarded when trying to reach them by phone). Then she met with Stephen Maltezos. He treated her as if she were his only client - answering and returning every call with urgency. His professionalism and willingness to listen made him an easy person to work with. (He even talked to me on the phone when I had questions!). He gave us both respect, won her case and did it all for the best possible price out there (based on what the other 7 quoted). Mr. Maltezos is articulate, professional, genuine and he got the job done when nobody else could or would.  My sister doesn't "yelp" but I simply must step forward on her behalf - this guy is terrific. But don't take my word, pick up the phone and dial his digits.

    Tampa, FL 2/12/2014


    Jolene S.

    THE ATTORNEY THAT MAKES IT HAPPEN FOR YOU! Attorney Stephen Maltezos wants you to: ' Get Out of Jail Fast! On December of 2011 Stephen Maltezos defended me successfully for a sales and delivery charge of a controlled substance. That's 2 felony charges punishable by 20 years in prison. Already having a criminal record, no doubt left me extremely concerned. Fortunately I had Mr. Maltezos defending me. Due to his expertise and professionalism I was sentenced to probation. No jail time! Unfortunately, one third of the way into my sentence I violated probation. No worries though! Attorney Maltezos was on it! In a week my probation was reinstated. That was 1 year ago ATTORNEY MALTEZOS MADE IT HAPPEN FOR ME AGAIN ! ! ! On January 29, 2014 I was scheduled for an early termination hearing. Attorney Maltezos met me at the courthouse. I left there a Free Woman! Because Stephen knows how to make it happen! 12 months prior to completing a 3 year sentence, motion to early terminate GRANTED! Oh Yeah, free to live life to the fullest. Don't wait! Call Stephen Maltezos now so he can make it happen for you. Call him at 813-642-7438 and set up an appointment at his office in St Petersburg or his sister office now conveniently located in Tampa.

    Plant City FL 1/24/2014