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  • Hands down the best

    Mark W.

    Steve is hands down the best attorney in the area. I had a DUI and a grand theft case (I hired him twice) and I am extremely pleased with the results he achieved for me. Not only did he keep me out of jail but he got my both of my cases completely dismissed. The best part of it all is that I am not broke after all said and done. His fees were the most reasonable compared to other attorneys I had spoken to. He is down to earth and truly cares for his clients. Mal-practice? I don't think so. I do a thorough background research on people I hire for various things, and Steve does not have one complaint against him. Besides being an upstanding professional that goes above and beyond for his clients he is also a good person. So for anyone out there reading this post, do not hesitate to hire Steve, you will be extremely pleased and comforted from the first moment you talk to him.

    St. Petersburg, FL 9/30/2013

  • Very Happy with Maltezos


    Very Happy with Maltezos. Great Attorney. I hired Stephen Maltezos to represent me as my criminal defense attorney for my DUI charge. Mr. Maltezos went above and beyond my expectations. I was skeptical about my case at first, as I had never gone through the criminal process here in Florida before. Mr. Maltezos was not only able to comfort me, keeping me informed during the long process, but he got me an awesome result when everything was all said and done. He ended up getting my case reduced to a non-dui charge!! I am very happy with his work as my dui defense attorney.


  • Wonderful lawyer and person

    Tracy C.

    Steve is a wonderful lawyer and person as well. He really cares about his clients and will go over and above normal expectations to ensure you not only understand everything about your case but also know what to expect from the court system. Highly recommended!

    Largo, FL 1/25/2014

  • Highly recommended

    Michael H.

    Highly recommended. I met Mr. Maltezos while he was defending a friend of mines case. Incidentally a month or so later I needed an attorney and hired Mr. Maltezos. Steve was excellent he got me a great offer from the state and has treated me like family throughout the entire process. Mr. Maltezos is very professional and he has a huge heart! I would recommend all who are in need of counsel to Steve Maltezos! He is a great person and an even better attorney & he truly cares!!! BEST ATTORNEY TAMPA HAS SEEN!!!

    Tampa, FL, /6/2014

  • Thank you, Stephen

    Jeffrey F.

    My name is Jeff and I was charged with driver license charge which could of put me behind bars. The State attorney and my public defender seemed to be on the same team. I WAS going to loose my freedom and my license, but once I talked with Stephen as he promised and being a man of his word I'm a free man with my driver license. Thank you Stephen and my family thanks you too.

    Tampa, FL, 9/9/2014