Florida DUI Frequently Asked Questions

Florida law as it pertains to DUI is extremely complex. The person best qualified to answer your questions is an n experienced Florida DUI lawyer. As a former DUI prosecutor and current defense attorney, Stephen Maltezos knows Florida’s DUI laws inside and out. Below are some of the many questions we often hear from our clients at Maltezos Law. We hope you will find the answers you are looking for here, but recommend that you call our office to learn how the law applies to your particular case. Stephen Maltezos is always available to consult with you when you need him, so don’t hesitate to call, regardless of the hour.

Q. Is DUI the same as DWI?

Q. What does BAC stand for?

Q. How is BAC measured?

Q. Is a breathalyzer a valid measure of BAC?

Q. What BAC will result in a DUI in Florida?

Q. My BAC was within legal limits but I still was cited for DUI. How is that possible?

Q. Is a DUI a misdemeanor or a felony?

Q. What penalties am I facing with a DUI conviction?

Q. I was trying to be responsible and sleep it off before driving when I got cited for DUI. How can they do that?

Q. Do I have to take a field sobriety test?

Q. Do I have to take a breathalyzer?

Q. What is Florida’s Implied Consent Law?

Q. If I am arrested for DUI, will I automatically lose my license?

Q. How long will a license suspension last?

Q. How will a DUI affect my ability to work?

Q. What are the restrictions on a hardship license?

Q. How will a DUI conviction affect my car insurance rates?

Q. Will I have to pay a fine if I’m convicted of DUI? How much?

Q. What determines whether I will go to jail if convicted of DUI?

Q. Can I get a withheld adjudication if I plea “no contest” for a DUI?

Q: Is community service mandatory for a DUI conviction in Florida?

Q: Who must enroll in Florida DUI school?

Q. What will happen to my commercial license if I’m convicted of DUI?

Q. Under what circumstances will I have to have an ignition interlock device?

Q. I had a DUI conviction in another state. Will that affect my Florida case?

Q. What behaviors do police look for look for to justify a traffic stop to ascertain if a driver is intoxicated?

Q. If the police stopped me without reasonable suspicion, how will that affect my case?

Q. When the police pull someone over on suspicion of DUI, what signs do they look for that the driver might be under the influence?

Q. If a police officer asks me if I’ve been drinking, how should I respond?

Q. Can I wait to talk to my attorney before deciding if I should do the field sobriety exercises or blow into the breathalyzer?

Q. Can I contest a blood draw?

Q. If the officer has confiscated my license, can I still drive as long as I haven’t been convicted of anything?

Q. Can I handle my DUI case on my own without an attorney?

Q. I’ve been told I qualify for a Public Defender. Should I use one instead of spending money on a private lawyer?

Q. What will happen to my teenager who was arrested for DUI?

Q. Can I get my Florida DUI conviction expunged?

Q. Where can I find a really committed Florida DUI lawyer in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater area?