Other Charges that Often Go Along with a DUI


Unless you were stopped at a sobriety checkpoint, or a police officer was exceeding his authority and pulled you over randomly (which happens more often that it should), chances are you may have been doing something that drew the officer’s attention to you. You may have been speeding, driving in the wrong lane, weaving and driving aggressively, running a stop light, or otherwise driving recklessly. Charges for other traffic violations are often piled on top of a DUI charge, adding fines and points on your driving record.


Your Florida DUI attorney may also be able to help you fight these charges. But your lawyer may also be able to work out a deal to avoid a DUI charge of your record by advising you to accept a guilty plea on a misdemeanor traffic violation, which will have lesser penalties, lower fines, and fewer potential repercussions and negative effects on your life in the future. This is something you should discuss with your attorney.