Your DMV Administrative Hearing


If you choose to fight the administrative suspension, within the 10 days after your arrest your attorney will make the request on your behalf for a formal DMV administrative hearing. Your lawyer will apply for a 42 day temporary driving permit for you for business or employment purposes only, so you can continue to drive to work while your attorney is working on preparing a case to invalidate the administrative suspension. You should use the same Florida DUI attorney to represent you in both your administrative hearing and your criminal case.

Although you are not necessarily expected to have a lawyer with you to the administrative hearing, having an articulate advocate to present your case can give you an edge. Winning on your own suspension review hearing is rare.

While it is extremely difficult to win an administrative hearing in any case, having your lawyer present can give him a heads-up as to the way the police handled the arrest and BAC test, and he will be able to use this information to plan the best defense strategy for your criminal case.

For committed and aggressive representation in your administrative hearing and later for your defense against criminal DUI charges, call attorney Stephen Maltezos immediately when you’ve been arrested on a DUI charge. Steve’s three years as a DUI prosecutor gave him the opportunity to learn from the inside of the system how these cases are handled, and he knows how to turn his insider knowledge to your advantage.

Call today. Stephen is available when you need him, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t stress unnecessarily. One call and help is on the way. The initial consultation is free.