DUI Cases

Date of arrest: 2/6/2013
Charge: DUI Accident (breath refusal)
County: Hillsborough
Result: Reduced to Reckless Driving
Facts: Defendant was the at fault driver of an accident while driving home from work well after midnight. Once under investigation, law enforcement observed defendant leaning against the rear of her vehicle. The officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her exhaled breath. The defendant’s eyes were glassy, watery and bloodshot, and her face was flushed.  Defendant spoke to the officer with a detectable slur and appeared unsteady on her feet. The officer asked the defendant to perform Standard Field Sobriety Exercises to which the defendant refused.  The defendant later refused to provide a sample of her breath for testing after the officer transported her to Central Booking.
Date of arrest: 5/21/2012
County: Hillsborough
Charge DUI (breath 0.035 and 0.035 and urine)
Result: Reduced to Reckless Driving
Facts: Officer stopped defendant after observing defendant’s vehicle drifting in and out of his lane, weaving between the inside and outside travel lane which eventually led to the defendant’s vehicle grazing a concrete barrier wall while driving on I-275. Officer asked defendant out of his vehicle after observing the defendant fumbling with his paperwork. Defendant performed poorly on all field sobriety exercises. Defendant provided breath samples of 0.035 and 0.035. Defendant later agreed to provide a urine sample which later came back positive for Xanax.
Date of arrest: 6/8/2014
County: Hillsborough
Charge DUI (breath 0.190 and 0.193)
Result: Dismissed Completely
Facts: Anonymous caller observed a man banging his boat against the boat ramp while putting the boat on the trailer after a day of boating. When law enforcement officers arrived on scene, they immediately approached the Defendant who had just sat in the driver’s seat of his truck after washing his boat down. Officer demanded defendant get out of his truck and perform field sobriety exercises. Defendant failed all exercises and later gave breath samples of 0.190 and 0.193.
Date of arrest: 7/28/2012
County: Hillsborough
Charge: DUI
Result: Reduced to Reckless Driving
Facts: Defendant was stopped for having difficulty maintaining his lane of travel, continuously crossing over the lane line with his tires as well as speeding (55 mph in a 45 mph zone). Officer smells odor of alcohol after asking for the defendant’s driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration. Officer asks the defendant out of his vehicle in order to perform field sobriety exercises. According to the officer, the defendant fails the exercises while showing signs of impairment. After being transported to Central Booking, defendant gives breath samples of 0.105 and 0.107.
Date of Arrest: 2/6/2013
Charge: Leaving the Scene with Damage over $50
County: Hillsborough
Result: No conviction
Facts: 3:13am – While at a red light waiting to turn vehicle 2 was struck by vehicle 1 (client), who was making a right turn from SR 583 onto S. Riverhills, and made the turn too wide. When vehicle 1 left the scene of the crash, vehicle 2 followed vehicle 1 to the residence where vehicle 2 called law enforcement.

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