Amputation Injures

If you have suffered the loss of an arm, a leg, a hand, a finger, or any part of your body in an accident, the physical pain and mental anguish can be devastating. And if it was caused by someone else’s negligence or deliberate act, you may feel that life just isn’t fair. Why are you suffering for something that was not your fault, because someone else failed to show a reasonable regard for your well-being?

Your Right to Be Paid for Your Loss Following an Amputation Injury

While nothing can make your body whole again, you do have the right to exact justice from the person who caused your accident by instituting a civil action to recover money as compensation for your loss. At the law offices of Tampa Bay personal injury attorney Stephen Maltezos, you can learn about your right to claim monetary compensation from the party responsible for your injury and receive the legal help you need. The money you recover can make an enormous difference in your quality of life and medical care that is available to you when you’ve suffered the loss of a limb or other body part.

Amputation Causes and Effects

Traumatic amputations are frequently caused by car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, or by pedestrian bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles. They also commonly occur in the workplace, especially in the manufacturing and construction industries, or they may be the result of medical malpractice.
Losing a body part is losing a piece of yourself. When you’re missing a piece of the body that you’ve had since birth, you may feel incomplete or deformed. You must struggle with the disability that inevitably comes with the loss. For some but not all amputations, a prosthesis may help; but prostheses are expensive. And they are only mechanical devices ̶ far from the same as having your own body whole. Furthermore, learning to use a prosthesis requires weeks of physical and occupational therapy, which is expensive, time consuming, and often painful. As a result of your loss, you may feel that your life will never be normal again, that you will never be able to do all the things you once enjoyed, and that people will turn and stare at your deformity.

Some Statistics on Traumatic Amputations

Of the roughly 2,000,000 amputees in the United States, about a quarter lost a limb or digit in a due to trauma in an accident. Many of these accidents could have—and should have—been prevented by reasonable care for the safety of others. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS):

  • In total, 50,000 new amputations occur every year in the United States, from both trauma and other causes.
  • About 70 percent of all traumatic amputations involve upper limbs. When the amputation occurs on the job, the right arm is affected more often than the left. A majority of work-related amputations occur while using some type of machinery.
  • The most common type of traumatic amputation is the loss of a part of the hand, including fingers, totaling about 61,000 each year.
  • About 10 percent of the upper-body amputation injuries are the loss of the wrist and hand.
  • The second most frequent type of traumatic upper body amputation is the loss of an arm, numbering 25,000 cases.
  • Lower limb amputations often produce complications, with approximately 22 percent of lower limb amputees being readmitted to the hospital within the month following the limb loss.

Get the Legal Help You Need for a Limb Loss in Tampa Bay

If you’ve suffered and amputation injury, you will need medical care, extensive rehabilitation, and possibly a prosthesis, as well as alterations to your home and vehicle to accommodate your disability. You may also need psychological therapy to help you accept your loss and to help you to adjust to the new realities of your life. It is important that you obtain a settlement or verdict that provides you with enough money to cover these costs and to compensate you for lost earnings and future earning potential. And it is also important that you receive compensation for the damage to your quality of life ̶ the pain, disability, deformity, and physical and emotional suffering that so often accompany this type of injury.
That’s why you need an aggressive lawyer with a prodigious work ethic and a deep commitment to justice for those who have been wrongly injured through someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. You will find the compassionate and committed help that produces results when you call the Maltezos law offices, located in both Tampa and St. Petersburg, serving the Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties and the entire Tampa Bay area.

Free Legal Consultation for Traumatic Amputees

Stephen Maltezos offers a free, no-obligation consultation in which he will answer your questions about you rights and the legal process. If he takes your case, you will pay absolutely nothing up front or at any time until you have received money for your injury. If you don’t win money, an unlikely event, you will owe nothing at all.

Time to File Your Claim is Limited by Florida Law

Florida’s statutes limit the amount of time you have to file a legal claim. Don’t risk losing your right to recover money for your injury. Call Maltezos Law today.